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Monitoring Neurotransmitters During a Stroke

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Working with neurophysiologists and medical doctors at Dartmouth Medical School, Chemistry & Biomolecular Science Professor Silvana Andreescu and her team are developing sensing technology to monitor chemical substances associated with neural signaling and function during oxygen deprivation in the brain.

The technology will provide real-time assessment of the changes and provide answers to fundamental questions related to the biochemical and cellular events involved in conditions of oxygen deprivation, such as stroke or other neurological event.

With funding from the NIH, the new sensor under development in the Clarkson laboratory is designed to function well in low-oxygen environments and provide a new method for studying the neurobiology of these neurotransmitters in hypoxic conditions. The research will also facilitate further understanding of glutamate and lactate neurotransmission in a variety of other neurological disorders in which oxygen is restricted.


Prof. Silvana Andreescu