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Getting In The Game

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Playing Modern Warfare on Xbox360 = great.

Being in the game via Kinect = epic.

Or at least it would be, if that option existed. Seniors Mary-Kate Carr and her lab partner, Carly Gardner, decided to hack into Microsoft’s Kinect so they could use their bodies as controllers when they play the first-person shooter game. That was their project for CS 461, Virtual Environments: Principles & Applications. By final presentation time, they were successful, Kinect-ing all basic motions and a few non-basic ones for Modern Warfare.

Mary-Kate is majoring in digital arts and sciences, with a minor in computer science. Having access to the latest technology is essential to her studies, and to her future. She spent her freshman year studying graphic design at another college but “the academics weren’t challenging enough.” She transferred to Clarkson and its new digital arts and sciences major. “That was definitely the right decision,” she says.

“Clarkson’s program is half art and half science. It’s better than just using the programs and the tools. We also understand the physics and the math behind the programs.” Her senior project is an interactive iPad storybook with an accompanying website where kids can go to learn more about the characters. She hopes to sell the book via iTunes and downloads from the website.

After graduation, Mary-Kate plans to run her own web design and development company. Already, she’s completed freelance jobs for small-business and individual clients. “I’m hoping that I get enough of a client base that I can go straight into my own business instead of working for someone else,” says Mary-Kate, whose parents both own their own businesses.


Mary-Kate Carr '13,

Digital Arts and Sciences