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Brandon Linton '10
Assistant Director of Transfer & The Clarkson School Admissions

As a senior innovation & entrepreneurship major on the brink of his college graduation, Brandon Linton ’10 was ready. He had had a great job lined up with a prominent financial institution since the fall of his senior year — thanks to Clarkson’s annual Career Fair — and was excited to get started.

However, the economic downturn changed Brandon’s plans. A week before he was scheduled to start work, he received a call that his job offer was being withdrawn. The company was  downsizing by eliminating 3800 jobs across the country – his included.

Brandon immediately began looking for other promising job opportunities; he found one at his alma mater.

“I received a call from my former Clarkson basketball coach, Mark Gilbride. He told me that there was an opening in Admissions and that he thought I would be great for it,” explains Brandon. “When the opportunity presented itself to return to Clarkson, I jumped at it wholeheartedly. Within two weeks, I was working in the Transfer Admissions office.”

As assistant director of transfer admissions, Brandon meets with prospective transfer students, parents and guidance counselors both on and off campus and advises the Clarkson University Transfer Student Association (CUTSA), a campus group that brings together transfer students to make the transition to Clarkson more seamless for incoming students. He is also an assistant director of admissions for The Clarkson School, Clarkson’s unique program that gives talented high school students the opportunity to start college early. 

“The experience I had at Clarkson as an undergrad made the choice easy to want to be back as an employee and involve myself in campus life as much as I could. Aside from CUTSA, I’m also helping out with the men’s basketball team,” he says.

While a student at Clarkson, Brandon was able to travel to three cities in Spain to play on a USA Athletes International basketball team that traveled to three cities in Spain over a 10-day period during the summer. Chosen upon recommendations from other coaches in the Liberty League, he joined a team of players from Williams, Green Mountain, Colby, and Hobart Colleges.

“The people in Spain were the best,” he says. “At the games, the fans would cheer us on as much and sometimes more than their home team. We would sign hundreds of autographs for the kids after the games. Moments like those made the trip one of a lifetime.”

Aside from the basketball team, Brandon was also a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Council and worked in the off season as an announcer for the lacrosse and soccer teams’ home games.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to come my way,” he concludes. “Being able to give back to Clarkson after four great years is the perfect start to my career.”

Brandon Linton
Brandon Linton '10