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Dining Services

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Campus dining is an integral part of the college experience. Whether it is sharing meals and conversation with friends or grabbing a quick bite before your next class, Clarkson strives to make your dining experience memorable and enjoyable. Our goal is to provide Clarkson students with a variety of healthy food in a fun atmosphere while accommodating fast-paced schedules, fluctuating life-styles and different preferences and nutritional needs.

Offering everything from pizza and pasta to salads and vegetarian dishes, students can dine together at several different campus locations. Flexible meal-plan options help you adjust to your eating habits and daily schedule. 

If you have an afternoon on the town or want to treat yourself to a sweet craving, the town of Potsdam has a wide variety of restaurants.

Regardless which of our dining facilities you choose to eat at, we will do the work for you- the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up. We understand that you don’t want to spend your free time washing dishes. That's why we are here; to make your living and eating experience that much easier.

"Because of its convenient location in the Science Center, The Concrete Cafe is a great place to get coffee or lunch between classes. I can also chat with classmates and professors about course material or make weekend plans with friends. It is a great place for academic and social interaction."  - Matthew Wojcicki

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