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Residential Advisors

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Surround Yourself With Good People

One of the keys to success during your first year is to surround yourself with people who know their way around campus, and are there to help you learn yours. Your Resident Advisor, is not only the residential leader of your residence hall floor or apartment house, but also a great source of information, advice and friendship. Each RA is a peer advisor, rule enforcer, counselor, activity planner and friend to the students in the community. The RA also acts as a liaison between the Office of Student Affairs and Clarkson students. The RA works with you and the people around you to maintain that tight-knit sense of community felt throughout the Clarkson campus.

In addition to RAs, Resident Directors are there to help you as well. RDs supervise the RA staff and are involved in all aspects of residential living for their buildings. They also provide day-to-day support necessary for the RA to be effective in his/her community.