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Theme housing at Clarkson is a great choice for incoming students. These communities provide academic and social support, relationship building and leadership opportunities based on common interests. Participants are strongly supported in their transitions to Clarkson and participate in programs with a variety of presenters and activities. Themes include Professional WomenWomen in Science & Engineering (WiSE), FIRST Robotics LLC, Pre-Health Professionals LLC, and Outdoor Enthusiast

Theme Housing can help take the stress out of your transition to college.  Benefits of choosing to live in a theme housing community include:

  • Living with future friends of similar interests
  • On most floors, any major is accepted (WiSE is the only exception here—you must be a female Science or Engineering major)
  • Receive guidance in your transition to college life
  • Easy transition into a natural social group
  • Interact with faculty outside of classroom which will help support you in your studies and career exploration
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Strengthens relationships, which is especially useful on our team floors such as Robotics
  • Enjoy social activities such as movies, volunteer activities, and field trips

You may indicate your interest in themed housing through your Housing Contract and Roommate Survey in PeopleSoft. In addition, we also offer first-year students the opportunity to select co-ed, all-male, or all-female floors. Please contact the Residence Life office at with any questions.

Outdoor Enthusiast

Outdoor Enthusiast

"I really enjoyed living on the Outdoor Enthusiast floor. I had a great experience with all of my floor-mates and everyone was helpful and supportive of one another. One of my favorite activities that we did was a hiking/rappelling day trip that my RA organized. Living on a themed floor helped promote unity among the residents and made my freshman year that much more fun." -Meghan Kennedy '15

Do you love the outdoors? Are you looking forward to exploring the nature and beautiful views that are right at your doorstep here at Clarkson University? If so, the Outdoor Enthusiast floor might be the perfect community for you. This floor community is located in "the quad" with all other freshman housing, but consists exclusively of residents who truly love the experience of the great outdoors and build a supportive community of trust and respect through their shared experiences with nature.

This past year, residents of the Outdoor Enthusiast floor have gone rappelling, rock climbing at South Colton, hiking at Azure Mountain, hiking at Stone Valley Recreation Center, snowshoeing, and more. More advanced trips have included ice climbing, rock climbing, and skiing. And with the help of the Clarkson University Outing Club, equipment rentals are a breeze. Check out photos of the Outdoor Enthusiast floor on our Flickr slideshow in the right sidebar of this page!



"I like being able to make connections with other girls in my discipline and being able to meet other women who have succeeded in their professions." -Monica George, '16
"I love the friendships I've gained, and living with people that are experiencing everything I am." -Ara Bogmis, '16

Are you a female interested in science and engineering at Clarkson? Well, we've got the perfect spot for you, as a member of WiSE, a supportive living and learning community on campus. 

Located in "the quad" (freshman housing), The WiSE (Women in Science & Engineering) program is an opportunity that fosters engagement in the world of science and engineering to females, who are typically outnumbered in such majors and programs. 

WiSE was created to offer females a strong support system to help with everyday challenges, from studying for a physics exam to working out an issue with a roommate. This system of support includes upper class women serving as mentors of the program as well as several staff members from across the university. 

Francesca Merchant '09, a biology major and mentor, says," WiSE serves to remind these women that they belong here too. It's challenging to sit in an aeronautical engineering class and be in the minority. In WiSE, the girls can come back to their mentor, who remembers that same challenge, or to her peers who are experiencing the same issues, and feel comforted knowing that they understand."

WiSE also offers its members extraordinary opportunities to network with successful alumnae, participate in social functions, attend guest speaker appearances, workshops and study sessions and meet with helpful offices such as the Career Center.

FIRST Robotics


"The FIRST robotics community is full of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure of meeting. We’re already a big family." - First Year student, FIRST Robotics floor

The Clarkson FIRST Robotics Living Learning Community is a pair of suite-style residence hall floors in Graham Hall's Donahue House, which is usually reserved for upperclassman housing. It's designed to bring together forty students, both freshmen and sophomores, to give them a tight knit living community. They live and work together, and do outreach within the FIRST Robotics family of programs to students from elementary through high school levels. To learn more about FIRST and its programs, visit

From our home in a Donahue, we do outreach across all FIRST programs to schools across St. Lawrence County and beyond. The FIRST Lego League and FIRST Tech Challenge teams can call in to us using our Remote Mentoring program any time during their build season, and we invite them to work with us once a week here on Clarkson’s campus. We host coaches’ clinics to help train teachers and mentors. We also work with two local highs schools in conjunction with the FIRST Robotics Competition SPEED team here at Clarkson. Other robotics activities include a micro-robotics exchange program with Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan.

Our community also participates in fun activities outside of robotics outreach. Some of these include guest speakers, hosting a League of Legends and Starcraft tournament, bowling, barbeques, and bonfires. Plus, you can always suggest your own ideas for activities! The floors are always looking for new ideas. 

There are many benefits to living on the FIRST Robotics LLC. Freshmen can live in upperclassmen, suite-style housing, live alongside upperclassmen in a mentor/mentee program, gain community service hours from our outreach efforts, experience opportunities for leadership within the floor, and take advantage of a high-tech lounge with a smartboard for learning and entertainment. Plus, we have SO much fun!

Professional Women

Professional Women

Are you a female student who is interested in developing yourself professionally in preparation for the workforce and the "real world"? If so, the Professional Women floor has many benefits to offer you.

This past academic year, we held a negotiations workshop, an etiquette dinner, a session on maximizing the career fair, plus many fun and social events!

This floor, also located in "the quad" with all other freshman housing, is geared toward the professional development of first-year females. This floor will be particularly beneficial to women who are majors in the School of Business or Engineering & Management (E&M). Participants will be connected with upper class mentors and will experience opportunities to connect with faculty and staff in regular floor programs. Programs will include workshops on resume-building, job-searching and application, presentation skills, and more. We hope you will consider becoming a part of the Professional Women family!

Pre-Health Professionals LLC
prehealth floor

“Living on the LLC helped me to jump right into the college experience. Most people worry about their son or daughter getting homesick, especially during the first semester, but I had no time for that! Because I knew my floor mates even better from being a part of the LLC, I had less time to be alone in my room and more time to be spending with these other students.” 

If you’re a first-year student intending on going into the health care professions such as physical therapist, physician assistant, doctor of medicine, or veterinary physician, you may be placed in the Pre-Health Professionals Living-Learning Community. Living-Learning Communities, or LLCs, are groups of students who live together while also taking at least one class together in order to integrate their academic and residential experiences. By living together with other pre-health students and sharing a course, the LLC allows you to foster more effective study habits, become more cohesive as an academic group, prepare for the rigors of graduate health programs, and experience additional opportunities for synthesis, collaboration, and active learning. 

This floor, also located in "the quad" with all other first-year student housing, is tied to Dr. Laura Ettinger’s Clarkson Seminar focused on medicine, science, and ethics. All first-year students are enrolled in a Clarkson Seminar, which are reading- and writing-intensive, discussion-oriented classes based on various themes. This past year, students on the Pre-Health Professions LLC participated in a “life hack” competition, a health professionals panel discussion, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer panel discussion, plus many fun and social events. 

The student response to the Pre-Health Professionals LLC has been outstanding with 92% of students surveyed stating they were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with living on the floor and 100% of students surveyed responding that they “strongly agreed” or “agreed” that living with students who shared their Clarkson Seminar theme improved their learning experience. 96% of students surveyed said going to LLC events with their floor mates made college more fun. 

“Living on the LLC was a totally unique experience for me. I really enjoyed the sense of community in the classroom, and the ability to continue on our class discussions outside of class because we all live together. We all participated in class and were comfortable to speak our mind because of the unique design of the LLC. Knowing that I could bounce my ideas off of the other people living on the LLC, because we all take very similar classes, was a huge benefit to me.” – Megan Hartwell, class of 2017

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HOW TO APPLY: Simply select your theme option when filling out your Housing Contract/Roommate Survey via PeopleSoft. Login with your Clarkson username and password (same as your email) at