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Leonel Garcia '15

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Political Science, Minor in Philosophy

I’m from Inglewood, California.

I chose Clarkson because the school has a wonderful Department of Humanities & Social Sciences. I visited campus before deciding where I’d go to college and the humanities professors treated me as an equal, not some random student. No other university could offer me that.

I’m involved in the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity (where I’m chapter president), the Inter-Fraternal Council, the Committee on Climate & Engagement, (YOU)KNIGHT Student Ambassadors and SPECTRUM (Shaping Possibilities and Embracing Change To Reach a United Mission).

After I get my degree I want to get into politics and run for office. Clarkson has been a great place to learn how to connect with people who don’t share the same backgrounds because the faculty and students here are genuinely interested in learning more about my story and each other. They have showed me that the best way to overcome differences is to listen and try to understand.

Clarkson is unique because this school never stops trying to improve. It’s amazing to see people care so much for the well-being of a university. At lots of other schools, people take the institution for granted or assume somebody else will take care of things. But Clarkson people care. They show up and they work hard to make things better. I think being part of this place has made me better.

Leonel Garcia ’15

Leonel Garcia ’15