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Emergency Preparedness

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Emergencies, disasters, accidents, injuries, and crime can occur at any time without warning. Being physically and psychologically prepared to handle unexpected emergencies is an individual as well as an organizational responsibility.

The information provided on these web pages is to minimize the negative effects resulting from an emergency.   Please read this guide thoroughly before an emergency occurs and become acquainted with its contents.  The online guide is provided for reference.  Printed copies are available from our office.  If you do not already have a printed copy of this manual, you may obtain one from the Department of Campus Safety & Security.  Keep it in an accessible place in your office or room for immediate reference and
do not file it.  When you are familiar with the information, you will be better prepared to protect yourself and others.  Do not count on these web pages to be available during emergencies; natural disasters and power outages may disable the network.

If you have questions about a unique situation that is not covered in this reference, need additional emergency information call the Department of Campus Safety & Security at ext. 6666 or 268-6666, or the Dean of Students office at 268-6620.  

For more detailed information regarding Emergency Response, Notification and Evacuation please refer to the Emergency Response – Notification Guidelines provided at the following web site:

What You Can Do Now to Prepare

  • Keep enough emergency supplies in your office, room or car (medication, flashlight, comfortable shoes, bottled water, food, batteries, and portable radio) for up to seventy-two hours in case of a serious emergency.
  • Post this emergency procedures information in a visible location.
  • Become familiar with the quickest exit routes from your building.
  • Locate the nearest fire extinguisher and pull station, and register for a fire-extinguisher training course.
  • Register for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, AED, first-aid, crime prevention, or other safety training courses.
  • Prepare a plan for yourself and your family specifying what to do, where to go, and how to cope until you are all able to get home. Designate an out-of-state relative or friend to act as a contact for separated family members.

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Department of Campus Safety & Security




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Police, Fire, and Medical Emergencies

If Calling 9-1-1 on a Cell Phone Identify your Location as Clarkson University





Campus Emergency Maintenance

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