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Designing His Own Future

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No matter which teams go to the ECAC Hockey finals this year, Clarkson University will have a presence in every seat.

That’s because Logan Fischer ’15 is designing the cover of the program for the league’s championship playoffs, returning to Clarkson’s “back yard” in Lake Placid, N.Y.

“I got this opportunity,” Fischer says, “because I got my dream internship in the ECAC Hockey league offices in Albany.”

His time in the head office began with layout work and then grew to include a redesign of the league’s website.

“I started using just about everything I’ve learned over the past few years at Clarkson,” he says. “The fundamentals to the little details — from my classes in web work, digital arts and elements of design — they just flooded back into my brain. And once the league president saw what I could do, he asked me to design the cover for the playoff program.”

This proficiency and the climb to higher levels of responsibility are hallmarks of Clarkson student internships. These are just some of the reasons the University has the highest rate of internships in the nation

Fischer’s path to the ECAC office began with his major in Digital Arts and Sciences and then went through Clarkson’s locker room. He’s the student equipment manager for the women’s hockey team. And this helped Fischer work closely with coaches Matt and Shannon Desrosiers. Shannon says Fischer seemed a perfect fit for the league office in Albany.

“Logan is diligent, organized and a real go getter. He loves hockey and he — and his can-do attitude — have become an integral part of our team. So I was confident he’d bring these qualities to the ECAC Hockey league.”

For Fischer, his internship was more than a stepping stone to the career he wants in product modeling, design and packaging. It was the culmination of pulling together his skills and interests.

“It was incredible,” he says. “I mean, what other university offers you the chance to get work experience that combines a love of hockey and design?”


Logan Fischer