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Clarkson Common Experience

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The Clarkson Common Experience provides a common set of learning expectations and outcomes for all Clarkson students. To achieve these outcomes, each student is required to complete a set of courses and a professional experience. Course work consists of required and elective courses both from within a student's major field and from across the spectrum of all disciplines in the university. Embodied in the Common Experience are four components that serve as common threads through multiple courses:

  • learning to communicate effectively,
  • developing an appreciation for diversity in both working and living environments,
  • recognizing the importance of personal, societal, and professional ethics,
  • understanding how technology can be used to serve humanity.

Each of these components is introduced early in the curriculum, reinforced in subsequent courses, and included in upper division courses.

Lists of Common Experience Courses - Knowledge Area, Communication Point, and TECH Courses

Common Experience Description

Resources (Including Knowledge Area, Communication Point, and TECH Course Forms)

The forms below for proposing the assignment of Knowledge Areas, Communication Points, and TECH status to courses also list the specific learning outcomes for these categories of courses.
Common Experience