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CREST with a multidisciplinary, University-wide link between engineering, the biosciences, business and health sciences resources, will help Clarkson University to:

  • Develop into a national leader.
  • Attract substantial new philanthropic and research funding.
  • Provide a superior and unique educational experience.
  • Bring in de novo outstanding undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Have talented faculty to work across discipline boundaries.
  • Become the source of choice for hires in the biomedical engineering / biomedical science areas.


  • Educate, mentor and train students to be able to integrate and apply a combined scientific, analytical , technological, and business approach to emerging biomedical engineering and biomedical science areas.
  • Provide a nurturing center environment that supports and promotes synergistic, multidisciplinary research and educational activities in focused biomedical engineering and biomedical science areas.