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Export Control

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What Are United States Export Control Laws and Why Should You Be Aware?
US Export Control Laws prohibit the unlicensed “export” of certain controlled technologies to foreign persons. These laws have been designed for reasons of United States national security and trade protection and govern the transfer of information and materials to foreign persons or entities of restricted countries.

“Export” is defined very broadly to include an oral or written disclosure of information, visual inspection, or actual shipment outside the United States of technology, software/code or equipment to a foreign person. Any method of disclosure may apply: email, telephone, websites, tours, or training sessions.  You can violate Export Control Laws without leaving the country.

Individuals should be aware of export control issues so they can identify the need to seek additional information. The links referenced below are provided to aid in this process.

US Export Controls Guidance (.doc 050907)

Export Administration Regulations (EARs)
International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITARs)
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
US Department of Commerce - Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)