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Emergency Response Guide

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Executive Summary

This is the Executive Summary of Clarkson University's Emergency Response Guide. For more details, please review the manual, which follows below.

If you need to report an emergency, first call Campus Safety at 268-6666. The other emergency number is 911. (If you are calling from an on-campus phone, you must dial 9-911.)

In the case of an emergency, Clarkson's Emergency Coordinator will immediately call the President and then call together the Emergency Response Team. In the event of the absence of the Emergency Coordinator, in descending order, the following will be responsible for calling all the remaining members of the Response Team or their alternatives: Vice President for University Outreach and Student Affairs, Director of Facilities and Services, Director of Risk Management and Services, and Health and Safety Officer.

The Emergency Coordinator and the Emergency Response Team will tell the President what actions have been taken and recommend subsequent actions. The President or designee will review and approve all recommended actions.

In the event of an emergency situation, information on emergency conditions can be obtained via e-mail, telephone and Web (, as well as through local television, radio and newspapers. The Cheel Campus Center is designated as the information point where updated information will be available. In an emergency the phone number for the Cheel Campus Center is 268-6400.

In the event that the electrical and/or communications services are interrupted, information will be hand delivered to campus buildings and residence halls. Information to students on campus will be distributed through the staff of residence life including residential advisors. Where necessary Facilities and Services radios will be distributed around the campus for continuous communications. WSLU radio (89.5 FM)
is the designated countywide emergency radio station.

All faculty, staff and students are advised to carry their Clarkson University identification card (ID) at all times. During an emergency you may be asked to show your identification.

If a partial or full evacuation is required, faculty and staff will be sent home, and students will be directed to a place of safety. Essential personnel will stay on campus to assist with the emergency.

Internal and external communications will be managed by the Media Relations Department, in consultation with the Emergency Response Team.