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English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

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EAP For Students Who Are Non-Native Speakers of English

Clarkson University is an internationally known, highly-selective university that provides a safe, secure environment in which international students receive personal attention. The University has outstanding undergraduate and graduate degree programs in engineering, science, business, and liberal arts.

Clarkson University offers a range of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. For undergraduate students there are courses in written English that are taken for credit as part of the degree program, and for graduate students there is a course in spoken English communication, plus courses in written English.

EAP Placement Procedures
Upon arrival at Clarkson, both undergraduate and graduate students take the EAP placement test. For  all new international students, this exam has two components: a grammar section and a 40-minute writing section. In addition, if graduate students will be teaching assistants (TAs), they also have an oral exam for spoken English. The results of these exams determine a student's placement in academic EAP courses.

The faculty members of the Clarkson ESL Program are highly qualified, experienced teachers with advanced degrees. They are native speakers of English who help students adjust to U.S. higher education and American culture.