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For Students Still Deciding:
Engineering Studies, Science Studies and University Studies

These programs are for those students who are ready to start their university education, but wish to defer commitment to a major field of study until they have had an opportunity to investigate all their options.

The Engineering Studies, Science Studies and University Studies programs were designed for full-time first-year students who are still deciding on an academic program of study. You are not alone. Many high school students do not know which major or career they prefer. Students within these programs are individually advised in the formulation of a curriculum plan tailored to their specific interests and needs.

These programs are also appropriate for those individuals who have strong interests relating to more than one major (examples: computer science and management information systems, business and engineering, liberal arts and business).

Parents should know that their son or daughter is getting a quality education with excellent academic advising, as well as staying on track and making progress toward a degree. During the first year, students will take foundation courses pertaining to many disciplines across the campus.

So, it's alright to be undecided!