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Government Relations Mission

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Clarkson University Government Relations Mission

  • Tracks the action of local, state and federal government entities that may impact University constituencies including students, faculty/staff, administration and governing board.
  • Seeks effective relationships with elected and appointed government officeholders.
  • Respects the local, state and federal ordinances/statutes and regulations pertaining to the ethical and lawful expression of University positions regarding government action.
  • Is registered to represent the University in legislative and executive branch matters according to applicable law and regulations.
  • Conveys University positions on local, state and federal actions as determined by the University President.
  • Respects the rights of members of campus constituencies to voice their opinions on government action impacting students, faculty/staff. (See Student/Faculty/Staff Communication with Government).
  • Encourages students individually and as groups to convey their opinion on government actions.


Above:  NY State Assemblyman Dan Stec of Glens Fall, 1990 Chemical Engineering Graduate, congratulates Clarkson students who successfully competed in the NY State Pollution Prevention Institute’s 2013 Contest for innovative ways of limiting/eliminating pollution and unnecessary energy consumption program and their advisor, Professor Susan Powers.

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