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Honorary Degrees

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We seek honorary degree nominations to be submitted by our greater Clarkson Community to recognize individuals who have made outstanding achievements and contributions to an academic discipline or to society through their body of work, either through sustained efforts over a period of time, or as evidenced by one or more significant accomplishments. Contributions to society may include outstanding contributions to the University.

Such degrees recognize distinguished scholarship and accomplishments in the professions, sciences, arts, humanities, public service, and service to humanity, and should exemplify the concepts of excellence, service, and integrity.

Based on their own personal achievements and vision, honorary degree recipients are given an opportunity at Clarkson’s commencement exercises to share their insights into the challenges and opportunities our graduates will face and lead into the future.

Candidates will be selected as honorary degree recipients for each commencement day using the procedures outlined in our Honorary Degree Policy

The Honorary Degree Committee, made up of students, faculty, staff and alumni, solicits nominations throughout the year. The committee assesses and advances nominations, which then go on to the Faculty Senate and finally the Board of Trustees for review and approval.  

All members of the Clarkson community are encouraged to submit nominations.