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Clarkson's new International Center advances global citizenship through overseas learning, research and working opportunities

Today’s graduates are entering an interconnected global world that requires skills that extend beyond the demands of individual areas of study. For professionals to be successful, they must understand the broader implications of their work, appreciate difference and possess the flexibility to work across cultures and borders.

“For years, we have seen the tremendous value of global learning for our students,” says Kathryn Johnson, Vice President for International Relations. “Students who travel or study abroad move out of their comfort zones. They experience another culture and a new language, and they learn to navigate new social and educational systems.”
Kathryn Johnson

“They return with a better understanding of the world and their own place in it.”But it’s not just the students who benefit from international engagement. “The University’s own reputation is enhanced through multifaceted global partnerships, which can include opportunities for our faculty to teach overseas and collaborate on research,” says Johnson.

Last year, Clarkson established The International Center to further develop learning opportunities for students, support research excellence and advance the University throughout the world.

Efforts are underway to develop new avenues for global engagement. “We have partnership agreements with some of the highest ranked universities in the world,” says Johnson. “Now we are planning to deepen those relationships by focusing on shared interests, thereby providing more opportunities for research, teaching, exchange of students and faculty, short-term visits, student projects, and/ or dual degree/joint degree programs.”

Johnson and her team are also investigating opportunities for international summer internships and co-ops as well as ways to enrich the learning experience for international students who come to Clarkson to study.

“Our goal is for every Clarkson student to have the opportunity for an international experience,” she says.