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Pre-Physical Therapy

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An Introduction to Problem-Based Learning and a Reserved Slot in Clarkson's Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program 

Clarkson's Physical Therapy Program offers perspective students the advantage of learning in a new facility specifically designed for this degree. The Problem Based Learning (PBL) format of this program gives future therapists the tools they need to continue learning and advancing their practice long after graduation. Pre-PT students will experience the PBL format first hand through PT seminars. In addition to PBL, Pre-PT students should familiarize themselves with the clinical setting. The Physical Therapy department is fortunate to have affiliations with Canton-Potsdam physical therapy clinic, as well as affiliations with many other local and not so local physical therapy settings. These affiliations afford Pre-PT students the opportunity to gain familiarity with clinical settings while fulfilling their required volunteer hours.

Why have a Pre-PT concentration?

As you probably know Physical Therapy programs are highly competitive. This is due in part to the continued job growth of this field. According to the US labor department the job outlook for Physical Therapists remains strong and growth should continue through 2008. Unlike many colleges offering a Pre-PT concentration, Clarkson reserves a slot in the Doctorate program for each Pre-PT student. Of course this in itself is not a guarantee of admission to the doctorate program. As a Pre-PT student it is necessary to fulfill specific requirements in order to hold your place. These requirements include, but are not limited to, completing prerequisites, GPA requirements, volunteer hours and portfolio requirements.

What undergraduate degree should I pursue?
Clarkson is interested in selecting students from a diverse background. Students may choose any undergraduate program that suits their strengths and interests. Many of our degree programs will complement and enhance your physical therapy degree. Engineering, business, biology and psychology are some of the most commonly selected degrees. A Pre-PT advisor will work closely with you to insure all requirements are met.

Extracurricular activities
Clarkson offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Becoming involved in these activities and participating in community service is an integral part of the student's growth and demonstrates the student's desire to become an active member in the community. Clarkson has many student organizations that are actively involved in community service projects - projects which have a significant impact on the quality of life in the North Country region.

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Karen Blake

"The best part of the program at Clarkson is knowing that I can approach my professors at any time to discuss issues related to school or my future and they will always make time for me."
- Karyn Blake '08, pre-physical therapy.

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