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Environment & Energy

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Safeguarding human health through air monitoring. Harnessing the power of bioenergy. Improving wind turbine technology for wind energy efficiency. Understanding the effects of global warming on Great Lakes ecology.

Across the University, Clarkson faculty are engaged in agency-funded environment and energy research activities and partnerships with other universities, organizations and  industry.

Recognizing that environmental problems increasingly require the expertise of many disciplines, Clarkson established The Institute for a Sustainable Environment, which promotes interdisciplinary research among engineers, scientists, economists and policy experts.

The quality and impact of Clarkson's interdisciplinary approach is illustrated by the following flagship programs, departments and centers:

Clarkson Institute for a Sustainable Environment
Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSES)
Great Rivers Center
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Clarkson biologist Michael Twiss is among a corps of scientists charting the environmental change the St. Lawrence Seaway and hydroelectric power projects have wrought on the St. Lawrence River and its ecological system over the past 50 years.

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