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What is SAS?
Clarkson University is unique in combining administrative services usually associated with registrar, bursar, and financial assistance offices into one centrally-located office: Student Administrative Services (SAS). Not only can we fulfill most student administrative needs in one place, we know the student's circumstances related to billing, financial aid, and academic progress, allowing us to provide advice that takes all of these into consideration. The three areas are very closely related, and a change in one area often affects another. By working closely with these interrelations, we can help our students avoid costly mistakes.

At the heart of SAS are five student service representatives who are trained in all areas. Each undergraduate student is assigned to one of four representatives based on the student's last name, and all graduate students are assigned to the same representative. Therefore, students have one person to whom they can turn for most of their administrative needs. If there is a need to contact SAS, students and their parents should ask to speak with their student services representative.

 What can students do at SAS? 
  • Ask about financial aid and student loans
  • Pick up and drop off academic and financial aid forms
  • Order transcripts
  • Add and drop courses
  • Ask about billing or tuition payments
  • Make arrangements for the payment plan
  • Ask about taking classes through the Associated Colleges
  • Change their address, or correct other personal data
  • Obtain information about student employment
  • Activate/make a deposit on your Knight Card

In addition to providing answers to these and many other questions, SAS personnel will be performing all of the background processing of academic, financial aid, and collection activities. The staff will follow up with students to obtain needed documents to provide smooth processing of the student account/record.

Class scheduling is coordinated by SAS, along with the related processes of course selection, add/drop and exam scheduling. The course register, Courses is also managed by SAS personnel, tracking current courses and their descriptions.

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