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Course & Building Codes

In this Section

COURSE – The subject and catalog number assigned to the course

SECT - The class section number

CLASSNBR – A unique number assigned to each section - needed for the add/drop form, and PeopleSoft enrollment.

CR – Number of credit hours - a "V" denotes the course is variable credit

TITLE – Title of the course

TYPE - Denotes the component of the course, such as lecture, lab, discussion, independent study, etc.

DAYS - Indicates which days the class meets
M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
R = Thursday
F = Friday

TIMES - The start and end time of the class

LOCATION – Building Code followed by room number

INSTRUCTOR - The name of the instructor assigned to the course. If no name is listed, contact the department that offers the course for more information

Building Codes

Potsdam Campus

AH - Anton House - ROTC Building (Downtown)
CC - Cheel Campus Center
CH - Clarkson Hall (Downtown)
DS - Downtown Snell Hall
ER - ERC Building
GYM - Alumni Gym (used for final exams only)
HP - Hamlin-Powers
MR - Moore House Lounge
PR - Price Hall
QU - Cubley-Reynolds Quadrangle (Old Empire Diner)
RL - Rowley Laboratories
SC - Science Center
SN - Bertrand H. Snell Hall
TC - Technology Advancement Center
TR - Trinity House - ROTC Building (Downtown)
WC - Walker Center

Capital Region Campus

GCTR - Graduate Center at 80 Nott Terrace, Schnectady, NY
NT - Nott Terrace