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CU Knight Card

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The Knight Card is your official identification card as a Clarkson University Student. The Knight Card has been developed with the goal of improving access to various services on and off-campus. The card allows students access to their residence hall and the Fitness Center, to check out books from the library, to do laundry, and in individual cases, to purchase their meals. In addition to these services, Clarkson offers the ability to use your Knight Card to pay for vending on-campus and to be used at popular locations off-campus. 

The Knight Card Program

The Knight Card program is a prepaid, declining balance account that is part of your Knight Card. It is the convenient, cashless way to pay for your purchases on and off-campus. Once funded, simply swipe your card as a method of payment at participating locations. With no fees, no chance to overdraft, and no chance of accumulating credit card debt, the Knight Card is a great budgeting tool!

Each term $500 will show on your bill as Knight Card Program. You have the option of opting out of the program or making adjustments to your amount based on predetermined increments ($100, $250, $750 or $1000). Should you choose to be part of the Knight Card program these funds will go into a special account up to one week prior to the beginning of the term (separate from your tuition account) that can then be used at The University Bookstore, on-campus vending machines and at many local off-campus vendors. Whenever a purchase is made using the card, the purchase amount will be deducted from the available balance.

Opt Out or Change Amount

Should you wish to opt out or change the current amount on your Knight Card, log into your Student Service Center in PeopleSoft. Under the Finances section you will see the Knight Card Program with the current amount and a link to opt out or to change amount. Click on the link and make your change in one easy step.

The deadline for Knight Card changes for the Spring 2018 semester is December 19th.

Knight Card