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How do I drop a class?
It is strongly recommended that you speak to your academic advisor before making any modifications to your class schedule, to ensure that you remain on track for graduation.

During the enrollment period, you may drop classes online through PeopleSoft.  Once the enrollment period has ended, you must submit and add/drop form to SAS in order to drop a class. You can use a paper form, or an electronic form within PeopleSoft. View the full instructions.

Does this transfer course count as a Knowledge Area?
If you are considering taking a non-Clarkson course while home for the summer (or at any time during your time at Clarkson), you must have that course pre-approved for transfer credit.  At that time, you can also have it reviewed to find out if it satisfies a Knowledge Area or Communication Point requirement. Take the course description or course syllabus to the Humanities and Social Sciences department for review. The Humanities and Social Sciences department must notify SAS in writing if a transfer course is approved as a Knowledge Area, or for Communication Points. If you have already received transfer credit for the course, please run an Academic Advisement Report in PeopleSoft to see how that course impacts your degree requirements. 

If you are a transfer student, and you took the course prior to matriculating at Clarkson, contact your academic department for a review of your transfer evaluation.

If you are a new freshman student, and took the course while still in high school, email for a review of the course in question. Check out our information for new students if you took AP examinations.

Can I repeat a class I’ve already taken for a better grade?
You may only repeat courses that you have received a grade of C-, D+, D, or F.  “C” grades (2.000) or higher may not be repeated. You may repeat courses at Clarkson, or when pre-approved to take them off-campus.

If you repeat a course, the former grade will not be used to calculate your GPA, however the grade will remain as a record on your transcript.

If you happen to receive a lower grade the second time you take the course, the better grade will stand, and the lower grade will be eliminated from the calculation of the GPA, although it will remain as a record on your transcript.

How do I qualify for the Dean’s list or as a Presidential Scholar?
In both cases, you must be enrolled in at least 14 credit hours, of which at least 12 must be for a letter grade. Failing any course will immediately disqualify you. The semester GPA requirements are as follows:

  • Dean’s List: 3.250
  • Presidential Scholar List: 3.800

There is no Dean's List or Presidential Scholar list during the summer semester. Read the full policy here.

I’m an undergraduate student- can I take a graduate level course?
A superior upper division undergraduate student may enroll in graduate courses with the approval of his or her advisor and the course instructor. To enroll in a 500-level course, the student's cumulative quality point average must be 3.0 or higher; to enroll in a 600-level course, the student's cumulative quality point average must be 3.5 or higher.  To obtain approval, download the permission form from the SAS forms website, and meet with your academic advisor.

How do I change my major?
You should speak to the department of the major you wish to change to, prior to submitting any paperwork. You can do an electronic form in PeopleSoft, or obtain a paper Change of Major form. Follow the instructions on screen (or on the form). You will be assigned a new academic advisor at this time. If using paper, bring the completed form back to SAS for processing. 

Follow a similar process to add a double major, declare a minor, or declare a second degree.

What is the difference between a double major and a second degree?

Second (dual) degree:
A student can be awarded two Clarkson bachelor's degrees if he or she satisfies all degree requirements for two different Clarkson bachelor's degree programs. In addition, a minimum of 150 credit hours is required including at least 30 credit hours unique to each program.

Double Major:
A double major bachelor's degree is awarded when the student satisfies all curricular requirements for two bachelor's degree programs but does not qualify for a second degree, which requires a minimum of 30 additional credit hours to be completed.

Who is my academic advisor?

You can view your academic advisor by logging into PeopleSoft, and viewing your student service center.

How do I know if a course I want to take/have taken satisfies one of my degree requirements?
You should speak with your academic advisor or academic department. SAS cannot advise students about degree progress or completion. You can also view your academic advisement report in PeopleSoft. This can be found by selecting My Academic Requirements from the academic drop-down menu on screen when you log in. 

How do I get a Registrar Report for the Common Application online?
When you are completing the Common App online and need Clarkson University to complete the Registrar's Report, use the following information in your Recommender Invitation:

Type: Registrar
Title: Ms.
First Name: Patrice
Last Name: Cole
Email address:

You may also choose to print the Registrar Report form from the Common App website, and bring it to SAS for completion.

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