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Since 2010, the Shipley Center has worked on almost 400 projects and assisted in launching over 90 student, faculty, and staff companies.  Several of the companies are listed below.   

802 Works 3D Printing company with applications in high technology and marketing.

Allergy Finder

Device to detect allergens in food based to alleviate the concerns of people with severe and moderate allergies. Faculty led company.


Marketing platform for sustainable and renewable energy technologies.

Blue Sphere

Closed environment high rise farm using aeroponic technology to create an energy efficient and self-sustaining farm of the future. Student led company.


Life-saving cooling device targeting the urban poor.


Design for a universal helmet for youth sports aimed at reducing total cost while increasing protection against head and facial injuries. Student led company.

Cosner CoPiloting

Innovative approach to Rally Racing Co-Driving including business model and innovative products to improve the efficiency of the process. Student led company.


Innovative designs for the crafting market initially targeting scrapbooking. Staff led company.

East Coast Ski

Innovative design for an all-purpose ski for the east coast able to withstand environmental and condition changes. Student led company.


Digital education material delivery platform targeting college students.


Programming and coding company focused on mobile applications and websites. email: Mick Tarsel at

Fini Modular shoe design providing 3-in-1 style that are durable and adaptable.

FLY Technologies

Innovative design for an electric bike that is not reliant on the energy of the rider for propulsion but rather uses this energy to augment the riding experience and range of distance. Student led company.

Frisbee Biotech

Innovation factory focused on electronic products and marketing. Student led company.


System to track lost items within a household utilizing RFID technology.

Health Check

Electronic checklist and supporting software/equipment to reduce surgical infections. Alumni led company.



Platform to reduce waiting time for concessions at events.


JWL Designs


Rapid prototyping and design company.
Komutication Social media platform for commuters to increase use of public transit systems.




3D imaging applied to innovative retail web applications. Student led company.


Sustainable cleaning service targeting corporate travellers.


Modern Dowsing

Know your well's water level & available supply, when & how you wish.

Monetary Solutions

Platform to virtually capture and manage change from retail transactions.


NanoScience Solutions

New and economical absorbent silica materials for gas & water purification. Faculty led company.


Biometrics innovations to reduce spoofing in identification. Faculty led company.

Onameta Company to develop renewable energy technologies in both solar and water.


Social and event organization website targeting college students that integrates calendar, social media, and classroom delivery platforms into one location for easier management and update. Student led company.


Proactive social media advertising platform utilizing qualified user-to-user referrals.


Device to acoustically measure the composition of small items, initially focused on drug tablets. Faculty led company.


Sustainable technology targeting laundry on college campuses.


Smartphone applications development  for education and marketing of renewable energy. Faculty and student partnership.


Fire safety technologies for both residential and commercial applications.


Phone dialing system integrating contact base with digital phones seamlessly.


Identification device that integrates convenience, security, and speed into the process of storing and accessing personal identification information. Student led company.


Platform to document and post real-time travel experiences. Student led company.


System for acoustically measuring the integrity of large structures. Faculty led company.


Energy efficient filtering system employing GEF technology targeting clean room and large manufacturing applications. Faculty led company.

West Brink

Holding company developing student innovations and entrepreneurial opportunities including retail products and services. Student led company.


First application offered by PRE focused on wind turbines that combines education with real-time purchasing data to help people better understand the platform and what design/product will work best for them. Faculty and student partnership.

Innovative method to produce and deliver popcorn.

youbicwitz Innovative idea in the technical field of distributed energy resources (DER)