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Student Projects for Engineering Experience & Design

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Baja SAE:

 Here’s the problem:

-You’re at Point A and you need to get to Point B.
-Between the two, there is mud — lots and lots of deep mud. And sand. And hills. And water.
-You have metal, a welder’s torch and everything else you need to build an off-road vehicle that can do the job.
-It has to survive the severe punishment of crossing all that rough terrain.
-And if you want to be the best, your ORV has to be faster than all the others.

Work on a solution and you will:

-Learn to design and build an off-road vehicle
-Drive it
-Race it against the best teams in the region
-Learn to work with — and lead — teams of student engineers
-Pit yourself and your team against the best in the world

Teams also compete to have their ideas accepted for manufacture by a fictitious firm. You’ll plan, raise money and design as part of a challenging project, just like a new product launch in the consumer industrial market for off-road vehicles.

In the competitions spanning the ’12-’13 academic year, the team finished with high scores overall, including 8th-place in the highly regarded Engineering Design category.

Clarkson has entered a vehicle in this event since 1978 and celebrates its 36th year in 2013. 

Advisor: Steve Yugartis