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The culture of the Clarkson School Program is characterized by a strong sense of community in which every student plays a critical role. The Clarkson School Ambassador program was developed to introduce you to some of our alumni and current students. Our Ambassadors are happy to share their perspectives regarding admission, classes, faculty, and life as a Clarkson School student.

Below is a brief biography, including the educational background of our current Class of 2015 Ambassadors and a few mentors who have successfully completed the Clarkson School program last year and now help guide the current class.


Claire Liu

Hometown: Beijing, China

Pursuing a Major in: Undecided

Career Goals: To work around the world.

Why I chose TCS: It is timesaving and provides a very good opportunity to challenge myself.

Campus Involvement: Pep-Band and International Student Organization (ISO).

John M

John Mangual

Hometown: Potsdam, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Mechanical Engineering

Career Goals: Eventually I would like to specialize in biomechanics.

Why I chose TCS: I felt that I was ready for a college experience that would give me a chance to excel. I was considerably ahead of my classes in high school and felt a need to be challenged


Shannon Mattice

Hometown: Schenectady, New York

Pursuing a Major in: Biology (Pre-Med)

Career Goals: My plan after graduation from Clarkson is to go to med school. I would like to be a neurologist someday because the brain is very interesting to me.

Why I chose TCS: I chose TCS because I felt high school was getting me nowhere and I really wanted to be challenged. I felt that this program would challenge me the way I wanted to be challenged.

Campus Involvement: Doctors Without Borders

Kristina K

Kristina Kolibab

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Pursuing a Major in: Computer Science, with a minor in biology

Career Goals: After college, I aspire to work as a digital nomad. This way I have the freedom to travel wherever I please, while still working from my computer.

Why I chose TCS: I did not feel as challenged as I might have hoped in my high school, and I also wanted the opportunity to travel across the country. TCS offered me both in a challenging, yet new environment.

Campus Involvement: Outing Club (CUOC) and Circle K


Katey Hunt

Hometown: Hornell, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Biology, with a concentration in genetics

Career Goals: I want to be a genetic engineer because through research, diseases like HIV and sickle-cell anemia could be cured, and the burden of world hunger could be alleviated.  

Why I chose TCS: I chose TCS because I felt ready for college and bored by high school; I needed a challenge! 

Campus Involvement: President of Women's Club Soccer, as well as a member of Outing Club (CUOC), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Foodies Club, and Intramural Soccer


Veronica Latham

Hometown: Cheektowaga, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Aeronautical Engineering

Career Goals: I plan to design and build aircraft for a major company such as Boeing.

Why I chose TCS: At first I loved the opportunity to challenge myself by starting college early. As I continued to look into the program, I saw how helpful and kind everyone at Clarkson is, and I still appreciate the friendly atmosphere.

Campus Involvement: Outing Club (CUOC), Radio Station, TV Station, Crew, AIAA, Concrete Canoe, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Laser Tag, SAE, Photo Club

Joe F

Joseph Franjieh

Hometown: Niskayuna, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Chemistry (Pre-Med) and Political Science

Career Goals: I would like to be a Neurosurgeon. I also hope to get my MBA.

Why I chose TCS: I chose TCS because I was done with high school and ready for a new adventure like college.

Campus Involvement: Doctors Without Borders and Student Council

Madeline Thibault

Madeline Thibault

Hometown: Massena, New York

Pursuing a Major in: Political Science

Career Goals: Majoring in political science, I would like to become a lawyer and eventually district attorney of my area.

Why I chose TCS: I chose TCS because I wasn’t challenged enough in high school. I was ready to leave and begin a new adventure.

Campus Involvement: Volleyball Club, Pep Band, Model UN, and a Mental Health Awareness Group. 


Abigail Matthews

Hometown: Massena, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Computer Science and Digital Arts & Sciences, with a minor in math

Career Goals: I would like to get my PhD. Perhaps a professor and researcher. The possible combinations of computing and digital arts with biology and genetics fascinate me.

Why I chose TCS:  I had exhausted the course options at my high school. I also wanted a more challenging environment and liked the sense of community that TCS offered.

Campus Involvement: Golden Knotes, Crew, Clarkson Theater, Anime Club, Clarkson Open Source Institute, Clarkson Integrator, Laser Tag, Steel Bridge, Human Powered Vehicle. 



Kiara Cruickshank

Hometown: Big Indian, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Liberal Studies (Pre-Med Track)

Career Goals: I want to get my masters and I want my future career to somehow incorporate travel! I am dedicated to my studies and excited about learning.

Why I chose TCS: It was something new, uncertain and exciting. I loved the idea of living with motivated peers. I knew Clarkson would challenge me and provide me with the resources necessary to explore, in depth, my academic interests, including cultural anthropology, history, politics, global studies, mathematics, chemistry, psychology, and biology.

Campus Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee, Foodies, Outing Club, Clarkson University College Liberals, Swing Club, Salsa Club, Doctors Without Borders, and Circle K.

Maya DW

Maya Duncan-White

Hometown: Souderton, Pennsylvania

Pursuing a Major in: Chemistry, with a minor in Psychology

Career Goals: I have a definite interest in organic and analytical chemistry as well as in lab work and research. I aim studying foreign languages and also plan on studying abroad, so that I can live in a variety of places. 

Why I chose TCS: It is an excellent program and compared to if I had stayed in high school, I can take a wider variety of courses that are more suited to my interests and career goals. 

Campus Involvement: Outing Club (CUOC), Volunteer at Potsdam Human Society, Cycling Club, Crew Team, Sustainable Synergy, Undergraduate Researcher in the Bio-Chem Department

Sav A.   

Savarah Aidun

Hometown: Potsdam, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Pre-Med

Career Goals: I want to become a doctor and work either in a hospital or private practice in order to help people, make a difference, and enjoy what I do.

Why I chose TCS: I live in Potsdam, so I was aware of what TCS had to offer. I did not have many classes left to take in high school, and wanted to gain college life experience by jumping into it a year earlier.

Campus Involvement: The Integrator, Doctors Without Borders, EMS, Cheel Arena Staff

Laura S

Laura Siddon

Hometown: Massena, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Chemistry

Career Goals: I would like to work as a mission specialist for NASA or some private space company.

Why I chose TCS: I was home schooled and was ready to move onto more challenging courses that would prepare me for my future goals.

Campus Involvement: Golden Knotes, Salsa Dance, Swing Dance and Ballroom Dance.

Eliz C

Elisabeth Cabral

Hometown: Marshfield, Massachusetts

Pursuing a Major in: Engineering Studies

Career Goals: To obtain work experience, expand my knowledge, find a field I a passionate about and apply the lessons learned here at Clarkson to the rest of my life.

Why I chose TCS:  It is also the optimal place to transition from a high school environment to a college campus. Overall Clarkson is the best school to come into your own and will offer the tools to do so.

Campus Involvement: Golden Knotes, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), SCUBA Club, Highdive (Ultimate Frisbee), Engineers Without Borders, Swing Dancing Club, Salsa Club