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The Clarkson School offers a full-immersion college academic experience at a nationally ranked research university and the institution of choice for more than 3,500 enterprising, high-ability undergraduate and graduate students. Clarkson School students take the same courses as Clarkson University first-years and can pursue coursework leading to more than 50 majors and minors. Your Clarkson School advisor will assist you during the summer prior to your enrollment and during the year on selecting the courses that you may need to meet high school requirements, your major or simply based on your interests.  You will also have an assigned Faculty Mentor who can guide you on careers based on your major and answer specific questions about courses. 

Problem-Based Learning

Clarkson University is famous for its hands-on approach to learning. As a Clarkson School student, you will have the chance to launch your own business, help build a solar car, or conduct biomedical research alongside a renowned scholar. By collaborating on real-world projects alongside Clarkson University students and faculty, you’ll gain deeper insight on your choice of major and future career.  There are several options available for you to explore!

Innovative Majors

Clarkson is also famous for offering innovative interdisciplinary majors that prepare students for careers that blend science, technology, engineering, business and the liberal arts.  Visit the below for offerings at Clarkson University based on your major of interest.

Majors and Curriculum Information

The Honors Program and Summer Research

Clarkson School students can apply for fast-track admission to the Honors Program at Clarkson University. Honors students also take a special series of seminars and project-based courses reserved for highly motivated students.

Starting as early as the summer before your Clarkson School year, the Honors Program will pay for you to live on campus while you participate in a 10-week research project with a faculty mentor. 


Read our Clarkson School Academics FAQs for detailed answers to questions about college credit, high school diploma options, and course requirements. Or don’t hesitate to contact The Clarkson School staff.