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The Clarkson School will be an unforgettable experience for your son or daughter, and we encourage you and your family to continue to play an active role in your student’s life. A great resource for pictures and updates is our Clarkson School Facebook page.  As we go through the year, please do not hesitate to contact the Clarkson School staff if you have any questions or concerns.  You can call us at 315-268-4425 or email us at  Below you will find some helpful information regarding the Clarkson School experience.  


During our move-in day Orientation activities, we have a specific Parent Orientation session.  During that time we give an overview of the Clarkson School experience and explain all of the resources that are available to your son or daughter.  This also allows you to get to know the Clarkson School staff and what role each of us play for the Clarkson School.  The Information for Parents and Families is a helpful resource that outlines the entire academic year and some common themes that we see with our students year to year.  

Campus Visits

You are welcome to visit your student anytime throughout the academic year.  Many parents choose to come during Family/Homecoming Weekend in October. If you are not able to easily get to campus, your student will welcome care packages that are sent for them to enjoy.  

Calendar of Events

There are a number of Clarkson School specific events that go on throughout the year in addition to all of the campus-wide Clarkson events.  Check out the Clarkson School Calendar and the Clarkson University Calendar to get an idea of everything that is happening throughout the year and when the breaks occur.   

Clarkson School Handbook

The Clarkson School Student and Family Handbook is a resource that can provide you detailed information on the Clarkson School Experience including but not limited to all of our policies, expectations, and provided resources.  

Tuition & Financial Aid

Learn more about the cost of attending The Clarkson School for a year and your options for awards, grants and financial aid.  Specific questions can be directed to Matthew Rutherford, Director of Admission and Financial Aid.  

Parents Association

Since the Clarkson School students are also Clarkson University students, you also have access to all of the support and information provided through the Clarkson University Parents Association

Clarkson School Commencement

At the end of each academic year, we celebrate the accomplishments of our students through a special Clarkson School Commencement ceremony in the Student Center Forum. Ending the experience in the very same place the students officially began their year at the Clarkson School, we close one chapter in their life and send them off to start the next.  This event is open to parents and families of our students.  Formal invitations are sent out in March, and the event takes place on Saturday after finals end for the spring semester at 1:00pm. 

For further information:

Parent Orientation Handout