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Student Life

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The Clarkson School is the ideal introduction to college life. We attract a diverse community of remarkable young people from New York and around the world who have chosen to embark on an early college adventure together. Through road trips, “family” dinners, service activities, sports, and much more, Clarkson School students form close bonds with classmates that last through college and beyond.  Meet Our Student Ambassadors to see why our students choose the Clarkson School and also to see what they are up to on campus. 

Community Within a Community

Clarkson School students are active members of the Clarkson University campus community and are welcome to join any of the dozens of student clubs and organizations catering to everyone from kayakers to video game players.  But Clarkson School students have the added advantage of being members of a smaller community with its own social activities and traditions. For younger students, this creates a deep sense of belonging that eases the transition to college life. Learn more about Life at Clarkson.

Explore the Region

Our hometown of Potsdam is a small, safe, college town with enough coffee shops, movie theaters, and restaurants to keep things interesting. The Clarkson School is just a few miles away from the Adirondacks, six million acres of mountains, rivers and hiking trails that make for one heck of a nice backyard. We make lots of ski and snowboarding trips to Lake Placid, New York, and schedule annual road trips to cultural capitals like Montreal, only two hours away (bring your passport!).  

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