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Military Friendly School 2014Clarkson University Partners with VA Yellow Ribbon Program for Full Tuition Benefits for Military Personnel and Families

Since August 2009, Clarkson University has provided full tuition benefits to qualifying post-9-11 active duty service members, veterans and eligible dependents of military personnel under the federal government’s Yellow Ribbon Program. In this partnership, the Department of Veterans Affairs is matching the contributions made by schools to pay for the education of eligible veterans and qualifying dependents… Read more

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Military personnel needing information about eligibility should go to the VA web site (click on GI Bill) and speak with their education officer (specifics for Yellow Ribbon Program also linked). 

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Nick Marrone

"Before hearing about the Yellow Ribbon Program, I was a little on the fence about going back to school because I didn't want to take out any more loans and I didn't know which schools were involved. Once I found out I could go to a top school like Clarkson essentially free of charge, that really made the decision for me," says Nicholas Marrone, an MBA candidate for 2010.

What do students who have already made the transition from the military to Clarkson think?

"If you are a veteran looking for a degree in engineering, science or mathematics," says former U.S. Army specialist Daniel Crain, "Clarkson offers you the opportunity to get a world-class education."

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John Garland, a former U.S. Army sergeant, said Clarkson is a great place to work toward his Ph.D. "As a graduate student you get much more time here with your advisor than most universities," he said.

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"The smaller size of Clarkson has allowed me to form closer relationships with both my classmates and professors, without forgoing any of the opportunities I would have at a larger school," says Army veteran Dan Stevens '09.

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Clarkson and ROTC share a common set of values, including integrity, service and teamwork. No wonder Clarkson's ROTC program is ranked second in the nation.

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